Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl

Beryl is queen of the Negaverse and loyal servant of the Negaforce. She's in charge of the whole operation for collecting human energy and finding the Holy Silver Crystal for the resurrection of Queen Metallia-the ruler of the Dark Kingdom. Beryl wants to rule the Earth and seeks revenge on Sailor Moon and the Scouts for Queen Serenity's actions in the Silver Millennium. Beryl, who is a powerful sorceress, is also very much in love with Mamoru (Darien). She wants Prince Darien to rule along side her and is jealous of the bond between Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon. She doesn't understand why he loves her so much. She kidnaps Darien when he is injured, and erases his memory. She then brainwashes Mamoru into assuming the role of Commander Endymion for the Dark Kingdom but he turns against her after the Silver Imperium Crystal brought back his memory. Beryl is a demanding, impatient, merciless ruler who doesn't tolerate failure and mistakes and is prone to flights of rage. She demands homage and complete obedience from her servants. Beryl doesn't think twice about sacrificing them for the advancement of the Negaverse. She is responsible for the deaths of two of her generals-Jadeite and Zoicite. Queen Beryl's powers are impressive, but her body is weak. After she is gravely wounded by one of Mamoru's roses, she pleads for help from the Negaforce. The Negaforce fuses with her body and provides her with immense power. During her final battle with the Moon Princess, she is vaporized by the Imperium Silver Crystal and the energy of the Sailor Scouts.


-Can shoot crackling bolts of negative energy from her hands.-
-Her power staff provides her with extra energy for magical attacks.-
-Uses her crystal ball to see activities on Earth-
-Uses mind control pod to erase memories of people and place them under her control (this was used on Mamoru [Darien]).-

.::.Magical Powers.::.

-Teleportation of others-
-Project illusionary images-
-Encasing servants in crystal (ie: Jadeite's "Eternal Sleep").-
-Forming magical devices (ie: Black Homing Crystal).-
-Many other magical talents.-


-Weak body in general.-
-Afraid of defeat.-
-Can't leave Negaverse easily.-

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