Black Lady

Black Lady/Wicked Lady/Dark Small Lady

Black Lady is the twisted and more physically developed version of our dear little Chibi-Usa (Rini). She is an incarnation of an adult who grew up never feeling love or other positive emotions. Wiseman turned Chibi-Usa into Black Lady. He does this by twisting her memories and turning them into lies and half-truths. She becomes furious and vengeful. Claiming to be the messenger of the Doom Phantom-master of all space, time, and energy-Black Lady rejects all love from her friends and tells them that loneliness was all twentieth century Tokyo gave her. She also states that her only friend is her Luna Ball, which now has a black crescent moon. The Luna Ball and the power of the Dark Crystal combined to make many attacks she could use. Her mission is to let the power of the Dark Crystal channel through her body to open the Dark Gate, which will destroy earth. She doesn't care that this will destroy her. She claims "Death is better than living lonely." She is the most powerful of all Wise Man's minions and quite merciless. At last Mamoru and Usagi (Darien and Serena) show Chibi-Usa her real memories and she returns to her normal self.


-Channels power directly from the dark crystal sending forth bolts of dark energy from her hands.-
-Uses her Luna Ball which she fills with dark energy. It can change into many things including a parasol, badminton racquet and birdie, a mirror, and a fan. It is also used as an offensive weapon. It can create gusts of wind, shoot large spikes, and enclose targets in a dome of crackling dark energy.-

.::.Magical Powers.::.

-Time Travel-


-Easily distracted by truth and compassion.-
-Becomes weak when touched by positive energy.-

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