Jadeite was the first of the four generals employed by Queen Beryl. This soothing-voiced general is charming, remains calm and collected, and never rushes. He's also quite sly and the king at taking advantage of gullible humans. His mission: Steal human energy, which is sent to the Negaverse, and find the Holy Silver Crystal for Queen Metallia-their leader. His strategy was to steal energy from groups of people at random, paying more attention to quantity rather than quality. To do this he would use yomas from the Negaverse to collect human energy, or would possess the human. Energy is usually gathered through items such as jewelry, flowers, clocks ect. and then sent to him. He collects the energy in an orb that floats above his hand and grows with each dose of energy gathered. It's interesting that he only collects energy from three of the seven deadly sins-greed, vanity, and gluttony. He gathers his other energy from panic, love, rebellion, fame, scholastic achievement and luck. As master of disguise he visits Tokyo as a radio host, an aerobics instructor, a security guard, the captain of a ship, and a caretaker at Raye's temple. He also specializes in illusions such as making a rusty boat look like a cruise ship or projecting images of himself. He also possesses a strong ability with telekinesis and can control a monorail train and two jet airplanes. When the Scouts appeared Beryl told him to finish them off. He was able to discover the secret identities of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars but was unable to defeat them in his finial battle with them. Beryl punishes Jadeite by killing him before he could tell her what he knew.


-Can shoot energy blasts form his hands which can push back large crowds without alerting them to his full power.-
-Can shoot electric bolts of negative energy at his opponents.-

.::.Magical Powers.::.

-Telekinesis, which he can't do without controlling a human wearing a Negaverse item.-
-Limited Invisibility-
-Sleep Spells-
-Making human golems-
-Opening up dimensional portals to and from the Negaverse-


-Afraid of failing Queen Beryl-

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