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Chibi Usa's Black Side

7.5.02: Yay! I've finally moved my old site! Took me long enough, ne? Oh, if you click on any of the links, you'll notice that nothing is working. Sorry about that. I work on this offline, and then upload the pages...^.^; Oh! And a BIG thankyou to Chococat101!!!! She's the one who let me use her HTML layout. If that made any sense. oO; Alright, it's late. This site won't be fully active with all the links until maybe the end of July. But I can tell you right now, I will not be updating the last week or last few days of July, and the beginning of August. Wait, maybe longer. I have the town play I'm in, and we have rehersals straight for two weeks, then my birthday, my two little cousin's birthdays, and my friend's birthday. So I'm going to be busy. I think that's all on updates. Thankyou for visiting!

Thankyou Chococat101 for the layout HTML!

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